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By Hector Smithe

Inspired by the British 'Pop Idol' the United States of America started a reality game show called the 'American Idol' in June 2002. The show gives a chance for talented singers to make their way to become America's favorite pop icon. Judged by a panel of four members, singers between 16 and 29 years of age can participate who finally get judged by the viewers.

American Idol has a unique logo with the letters 'American Idol' appearing in blue along an angled line in an oval. The show also boasts of a unique intro sequence spanning for 30 seconds. The intro sequence usually features the past winners of the show but in seventh season the American Idol intro sequence got creative showing an exciting performance of idols.

From out of so many people auditioning for the first round, nearly 300 contestants get selected for the theatre round. In this they have to exhibit their singing talent in three sub rounds: the chorus, trio and the solo. After eliminations, semifinalists are selected and given training by voice experts. The grand finale is then held in Nokia Theatre with supporting performances.

American Idol Tv Show is hosted by Ryan Seacrest and FOX channel broadcasts the show. The show usually runs for an hour. The judges' panel consists of four people who give critiques and they also give few advices to the contestants on their performance. The winners are promised a recording deal and they also get to enjoy other benefits.

The show springs up every season and by 2008, American Idol has managed to hold seven seasons of music and entertainment. The interesting feature of this Idol show is that the viewers become the judges in the end and cast their vote through phone or internet for their favorite singer crowning them the American Idol!!

And the reach of the show is such that irrespective of becoming a winner, the contestants become hugely popular with the citizens which give them the much wanted break in their career. Jennifer Hudson, who ended up only seventh in one of the seasons, went on to become the best supporting actress of the year. That is the popularity even the participants get.

There are also websites which lets you Watch American Idol Online Free. The show gained sponsorship from iTunes store in season 7 and has successfully managed to upload all the audio and video related to the show. Thus one can enjoy the show in their iPods and mp3s. Complete videos of the show from the studio recordings to the final performances are available online.

One can login their account and get to interact with American Idol fans worldwide and share about their favorite idols and other related activities of American Idol Show through forums like face book and twitter. Thus the show provides complete entertainment on the music front and is the best platform for singers to develop and prove their talent. - 30801

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90210 Online Watch

By Shirley Thomas

90210 TV show is one of the hit series which premiered in CW. It is a teen drama and majorly focuses on two teenagers and how they cope with their new environment at Beverly Hills. It comes as the fourth spin-off of the Beverly hill, 90210 franchise created by Darren star.

Annie and Dixon Wilson the main characters of 90210 TV show move to Beverly Hills as their father Harry Wilson takes the responsibility of taking care of his mother Tabitha Wilson suffering from drinking problem. And thus happens to be west Beverly Hills high's principal.

Rob Thomson had first created 90210 for the pilot sessions. As he got busy with another sitcom, the responsibility of writing it shifted to Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah. Later due to some misunderstandings the post of head writer was given to Rebecca rand Sinclair.

The cast consisting of new actors and few characters from the original series retained as guest stars. Annie and Dixon Wilson are the main characters of 90210 TV show. Shenea Grimes acted as Annie Wilson who struggles to manage her many romances and friends. Tristan wild played Dixon Wilson who is the adopted son of Harry and suffers an identity crisis as he happens to be an African-American.

The other casts are Harry Wilson, the father cast by Rob Estes, who returns to his home place after years, Debbie Wilson cast by Laurie Loughlin who finds it difficult coming to know about her husband's childhood sweetheart, and Naomi Clark cast by Anna Lynne McCord who plays the mean girl of the school.

The 90210 TV show acquired moderate reviews in the pilot sessions. The first season of 92010 TV show showed improvements and thus had more reception amongst the people. This was followed by the second season of 92010 which was a hit. As a result the popularity increased and won several awards.

Watch 90210 online free as streaming videos and watch all the episodes of season one and two. 90210 TV show had special guest appearances of Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty, Tori Spelling. The series 90210 proved to be best as its predecessors dealing with teenage, love and sex. Watch 90210 online free if you have missed it.

You can also watch the best of the episodes in each season which is available separately. All the streaming videos can be viewed in watch 90210 online free sites. The episodes the new beginning, to sext or not sext and the porn king were all hit episodes in the season two. Watch 90210 online free and do not miss to watch these episodes.

The 90210 TV show had characters which resembled to the present day teenagers and which each one of us can relate to it. 90210 had several episodes dealing with teenage troubles and focused on drugs, date rape and alcoholism. These turned out to be an eye opener for everyone, so watch 90210 online free with all episodes of 90210 TV show. - 30801

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Import Export Online For Free

By Nikki Masters

A film maker and Australian writer, Ulrich Seidl, wrote the story of the Import Export movie. He claims that it is through this movie, that he looked "directly in to hell" in a clearer and sharper way. He believes that the current workforce is responsible for contributions to human pain and costs due to globalization. Values like human compassion, take a secondary seat, the fore seat is occupied by something more darker and sinister - cruelty and glee in painful spectacles.

Import Export is a depressing movie which takes a look at two lives that are parallel in Ukraine and Austria. The first story main lead is Olga (Ekateryna Rak), a nurse by profession who is also a single mother struggling to make ends meet. The pay that she gets is not adequate and the housing conditions are terrible. She reaches her saturation limit one fine day, and decides to leave her child with her mother and move to Vienna to look for a job as a cleaner or a nanny. Your browser may not support display of this image.

Paul, (Paul Hoffman) who belongs to the working class in Austria is our second story main lead. He possesses few qualifications that are not adequate for him to secure a good, well paying job and has en number of tattoos on his body. Fired by his security firm for getting beaten up by drunken delinquents, Paul has only choice if he wants to survive. He has to accompany his womanising, repulsive, unpleasant, step-father, Michael (Michael Thomas) to Ukraine and sell gumball machines, fruit machines etc, which are second hand, to bars and cafes.

Meanwhile, Olga gets herself a job as a cleaner cum nanny in a house where the children of the house and the housewife treat her with contempt and fire her peremptorily with a day's notice. She does not have a nursing licence therefore becomes a cleaner at a geriatric hospital where she cannot come near the patients or touch them. Here too she is not spared, the ward-sister is spiteful and constantly keeps bullying her by she finds comfort with Erich, a patient who is kind toward her.

The differences between the housing conditions in affluent Austria and desolate Ukraine housing estates are blaring because the film is shot in winter. The movie depicts the sex industry in a manner that is very close to reality. The rich are shown using and exploiting prostitutes for their own entertainment and pleasure. Their treatment toward the sex workers is abusing and humiliating which is what happens in reality and which is what is captured quite vividly. Even Michael is shown doing this to a prostitute that he brings to his hotel room. Your browser may not support display of this image.

Subjects like frustration, indifference toward other's sufferings, humiliation, poverty and how it forces people to stoop to various levels to better themselves, are dealt with a very realistic touch to it. Watch Import/Export online free, through streaming video sites, downloading movie sites or paid movies sites at home today. - 30801

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Where Can I The Hangover Online

By Fred Jackson

Good quality comedy films are difficult to get as it needs the cooperation and efforts of the actors who are involved. However The Hangover movie turns out to be a comedy extravaganza and makes you laugh throughout the movie. Todd Phillips has directed The Hangover movie and it was produced by Phillips and Daniel Goldberg. It was written by the team of Jon Lucas, Scott Moore, Todd Phillips and Jeremy Garelick and released on the 5th of June 2009 and became a box office hit soon.

The movie focuses on the gang of four friends in which Doug (Justin Bartha) is getting married to Tracy (Sasha Barrese) shortly. To celebrate the bachelor party Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Stu (Ed Helmes) plan a trip to Las Vegas. Doug takes along Alan (Zach Galifianakis) his to be brother-in-law.

The "getaway" vehicle happens to be a vintage convertible Merc that's lent to the boys by the bride's dad (Jeffrey Tambor). Having booked themselves a villa at the Ceasars Palace Hotel & Casino, the men pussyfoot their way to the roof of the hotel and raise a toast to the night to come. The next scene shows them waking up the following morning safe in their suite but with no recollection whatsoever about the previous night's happenings. Doug, the future bridegroom is also found missing.

A look around points at numerous unexplainable "clues" of their night out including a messy suite, a baby inside a closet, a tiger locked in the bathroom, an ATM bill for $800, a missing tooth in Stu's mouth, a hospital bracelet on Phil's wrist, a mattress run through by a statue outside and a police cruiser the valet brings around as their ride.

They track down on their clues and at the hospital the doctor who treated Phil informs them that traces of the drug Flunitrazepam was found in Phil's blood which explains their memory loss as it is known to be the date rape drug. The doctor then informs them that they were talking about coming from a wedding and tracking down on it they find out that Stu who was about to propose to his girlfriend Melissa(Rachel Harris) had married Jade(Heather Graham) who is a stripper and the mother of the baby in the closet.

Things go awry as Asian gangsters attack them asking for 'where is he' all the time. They miraculously escape from them and end up with the police, when they go to jade's apartment as they think the thugs referred to the baby. How they escape from the police and get their vintage convertible back and how they trace out their own whereabouts of the previous night forms the story. The climax answers the question how they get Doug back and how they find him.

Watch The Hangover online free and get the answers to the mysteries. - 30801

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Angel Online Watch It now

By Chuck Bress

The Angel is an American TV show that has been on the top of the popularity charts for many years since its first telecast on October 5, 1999. The reason for this particular television TV show to gain such prominence is because of the fact that this is a spin-off of another widely popular television series called Buffy-The Vampire slayer. I guess most of them would be aware of this Buffy character more than Angel. The creator of Buffy is the creators of Angel TV show as well i.e. Joss Whedon except for the fact that he was assisted by another co-writer David Greenwalt.

This show debuted in the television scene on October 5, 1999 and had a terrific run for five complete years and finally the curtains closed for Angel on May 19, 2004. The first season of this series had collections which bettered the season four collections of Buffy. This is a clear indication of the hype and hoopla this series had created among the audiences. But Buffy was more preferred than Angel TV show by the audiences thereafter because the storyline faded a bit here and there.

The story of Angel is on similar terms with that of the Buffy where the hero of this show is a vampire himself. He has a guilty human soul which was given to him as a punishment by the gypsies on account of killing people of their own clan. The hero is haunted by his guilt feeling and faces a lot of struggle to revive himself from being doomed. Also, the hero works as a private detective agent in the entire Angel TV show where he kills evil spirits and demons. The screenplay is quite intriguing and keeps the suspense factor on the high throughout all episodes.

Though Angel was less accepted by the people when compared with Buffy, it had a distinct quality of its own. The themes of Angel TV show was more mature than Buffy which concentrated on children as their main followers. Angel TV show too concentrated on children as their main source of TRP's but the element of violence in this show was on an increased scale thus reducing the younger audiences to an extent. The main character of the Angel TV show was donned by David Boreanaz. The role of Doyle was carried out to near perfection by Glenn Quinn and Charisma Carpenter did justice to her role as Chordelia Chase.

This series has a total of 110 episodes. All of these episodes have been compiled in a single DVD and is available for sale. People can very well buy this complete collection of DVD at affordable prices. But a more viable and easier option is to watch Angel Online free in the internet. You can do this with just the click of your mouse rather than going in search of a DVD. Also you can download these episodes from the internet. So, what are you guys waiting for? Just go sit and watch Angel Online free and find out what is new in this particular series. - 30801

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Where Can I Watch American Idol Online

By Misty Browne

I guess most of you guys are aware of America's most popular and premier television show of the decade, "The American Idol". This live talent show really paved way for the emergence of highly talented young superstars who were relatively unknown until they were in American Idol. So, I thought of writing an article about my favorite superstar of the entire American Idol series and also rank all the winners in terms of their talent and popularity. This is my personal ranking and it is not intended to offend anyone in anyway.

My obvious favorite of the entire American Idol series till date is Kelly Clarkson. Ever since its induction into the television media, I have never witnessed anyone to match Kelly's perfection. She has all that to be a superstar. She is beautiful, graceful and highly talented. Her voice is so cool and her singing talents are highly admired across the world and no wonder she was the winner of the first season of the American Idol series. The popularity chart of Kelly Clarkson is always on the exponential curve which is a clear indication of her talents.

I am sure most of the people would agree with me regarding the fact that Kelly Clarkson is the best ever American Idol product till date. I am also sure of the fact that at this passage would end up in a heated argument or in distaste with many because I am going to give a ranking to all the winners of the American Idol. Regardless, I would also like to inform that the ranking list of these winners is entirely personal and not to offend anyone.

The first position in my list would undoubtedly go to Kelly Clarkson (season 1 winner). Without much dragging and comments about her talents (which were discussed in earlier passages) I would directly go to the second best American Idol. This was not at all a tough decision, because Carrie Underwood was way ahead than most of her competitors and she was better than other winners too. She and Kelly are in the same league and I would have ranked both of these ladies as the number one if Kelly wasn't my darling. The next set of rankings was quite tough and I would go with David Cook rather than Kris Allen because I consider David as a better performer than Kris. Thus, the third and fourth ranks go to David Cook and Kris Allen respectively.

Ruben Studdard will stand at the fifth position. This cheerful and exciting winner of the second edition needs accolades from all of us because of his extreme talents. The sixth rank would go to the winner of the sixth edition i.e. Jordin Sparks. The next American Idol according to me is Fantasio Barrino, the season three winner and finally Taylor Hicks, the season five winner. - 30801

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Free Movies Never Back Down

By Simon Rusell

Please watch the movie. Its a story about one Jake and his short temper that has caused him pay for it dearly. He faced that in his former school and he faces them here as well, at his new school, where he finds it tough to gel with people. But he gels well with Baja Miller, the most popular girl in the school and it could be out of the love-high that he noses into a street-kickboxing match. A blunt act, but it initiated his recognition.

Jakes short temper has landed him in many a troubles and this time, it is a problem that keeps him from gelling to his new school crowd but not in the process of coming across Baja Miller, the most popular girl in the school. It sort of turned Jakes senses blunt; he now interferes into a street-kickboxing session to rescue his fellow student Max. Jake is boo-ed at but his Youtube brawl gets flashed to bring him back some portion of his lost honor. Jake now gathers up friends fast and also gets suggestions regarding getting into learning some advanced fighting techniques. As for Baja, she takes Jake to a party that her boyfriend Ryan has thrown. Jake joins her but gets challenged later at the party for a fight and its a trap set by his friends; the previous incident at his ex-school grounds repeats over. This time, Jake loses miserably and he gets determined for learning advanced fighting techniques.

But Jakes tutor smells things to be fishy and makes him promise not to fight outside the ring, which he almost breaks when Ryan insults him using the same words as in the party. Jakes fury comes out in the ring and later, on the streets, when poked at by a few youngsters outside. This, too, gets filmed and uploaded at Youtube, but only to turn Jakes social image better.

All that makes Jake determined for learning advanced fighting arts, which he learns but under a certain condition. An apologetic Baja now backs up Jake against Ryan by breaking up. As Ryan grabs Baja's arm, Jakes attempts to stop it was answered by Ryan getting vulgar on his fathers death, only to turn him too aggressive later at the gym. As Max and Jake leaves gym, a few guys poke them to get nasty and a fight follows. The filming and uploading of this one improves Jakes social profile at the school.

Never Back Down is better watched than read and yhere is nothing like the movie running in a nearby theater, but you may also download it straight from the Internet i.e. from any of those websites that have crystal clear, audibly superior, full-length movies - not only Never Back Down, but any from the huge database.

**You can watch Never Back Down movie online, by visiting the link provided below the review, in the resource box. - 30801

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